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That 90s Playlist!

In a decade when I was too young to party, but not too young to fantasize about it, the musical landscape was ripe with delectable dance, pop and house gems that helped to water my modern musical taste as well as my undeniable talent as an acclaimed shower performer…don’t judge me.

It was HARD picking my top 5 songs of an era of in your face club anthems, but it all came down to how sweaty I got after a play of each track…from the cheesy to the timelessly mellow…tell me how your Top 5 matches up!

5. Rhythm of the Night - Corona:

Beyond the feisty eurodance beat, the club classic is about a fragile love affair (believe it or not) where the powerful voiced songstress beseeches her very unsettled lover to give her another chance in a quite poetic and danceable way. Whatever the deeper meaning, it meant mumbling along and heavy head nods for me as a 10 year old in my mother’s backseat.


Okay, maybe a tie with another rhythm? Rhythm is a Dancer! *does LMFAO’s shuffle real quick* Aww….that’s my JAM!!!


4.  Mr. Vain - Culture Beat:

I couldn’t understand a word of the rapped verse, but I sure could understand what she was screaming on the hook, "I know what I want and I want it NOW!". This undeniable high energy club stomper would have me doing the running man in my room as I imagined being old enough to jam out under the strobe lights! Sigh, memories.


3. Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) - Crystal Waters:

La da di la da do…’nuff frickin’ said. Who knew it was about a desperate girl in a club without a fixed place of abode? The things you realize as you get older…but hey…turn on that toe BIOTCH! :-P

Don’t you love that honeyed lounge beat…even rapper T.I. sampled it for his fresh single Why You Wanna Go and Do That. Aww man, that’s my JAM! *holds head and goes in DEEP*


2. Missing - Everything but the Girl:

British pop music duo Everything but the Girl scored their biggest hit in the mid 90s with this classic house selection. A somewhat melancholic tune to a Cassanova-esque lover who’s gone MIA on the poor lass, the track’s ethereal groove and mystifying hook "and I miss you, oh, like the deserts miss the rain" often set me in a trance whenever I heard it as a youngster. Still has the same effect on me today!


1. What is Love? - Haddaway:

Do I even need to introduce this song? All you need to know, the singer is actually Trini born! Now bob your freakin’ head!! 

*holds left leg and does a mean hop* AWWWW MAAAAAANNN, that’s my JAAAAMMMM!!!!


Hope you liked this look back at some of my 90s club faves. What are yours?

This is me right now……………………………………………………………………

NO SHAME! Just moves!

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