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The First Dance EP - Wynter Gordon (A Review)

A few years ago, a virtually unknown female artist visited the shores of Barbados and performed at a small venue…at the time, I had no clue who she was and hadn’t been exposed to her awesome work…until one day I was driving to work and heard a song, the only lines of which I could remember were "then move on, move on, move on…I’m a renegade". Fast forward to 2011, I Googled those lines tirelessly and song after song later, I am in LOVE…that artist is Wynter Gordon and this is a review of her first EP, the aptly titled First Dance - a collection of both previously released and unreleased dance gems from the New York native whose full length LP is out this year.

From Renegade’s sleek, supersonic hybrid of dance and disco, which grooves along like the 2011 version of the opening scenes of Saturday Night Fever to the naughty come on of blaring air horns, electronic beeps and bassline on Toyfriend, one thing is sure as the EP opens…while we’re never sure she ever succeeded in her "mission to get in a position, never done before", we can’t help but groove on, appetites whet for what else is in store.

The dazzling and soaring sonicscape that becomes Believer at midpoint on the album is one of the brightest moments on Gordon’s mini-release, showcasing not only first class club-ready production, but her near-mystical vocals as she plaintively croons to an object of affection about the seemingly predestined and fated love connection between them, begging him to make her a believer in his love, more or less. Continuing on the ethereal path set by Believer, Wynter reissues in a brilliant form a classic disco track, first made popular by the queen of disco herself, Donna Summer and producer Giorgio Moroder back in 1977, the incomparable I Feel Love. Here in a similar falsetto, Gordon elevates the listener into orbit on the space-aged ode to the most sought after emotion of them all.

As the EP draws towards its end, we’re transported back to more high energy tracks, with the poignant anthem of detachment and self-sufficiency, Right Here, where Gordon chronicles a struggle for personal liberty and independence with impassioned lyrics such as "my picture stands in a frame, in this empty house, you can go look for me, I don’t wanna be found, I’m stayin’ here, I like it right here". The six song set closes with the tongue-in-cheek, potty-mouthedminded Dirty Talk where Miss Wynter (if ya nasty) spells out exactly what she wants to a lover, who is probably VERY excited at this point! "Legs up in the back of your car" "Cherry pop, tag team" "G-spot, nasty pose" "S&M on the floor, I like it hardcore"…OH MY! She’s probably very serious when she says "I wanna do some dirty things to you tonight" and is probably NOT exaggerating when she says she’s "no angel"!

Overall, Gordon packs all the right punches in this her short resume, as it were, to the over-saturated minds of pop music lovers right now. She has vocals, she has the right musical formulas, she can dance (check the video clips below) and writes her own, delectably, devious songs too! Each song is captivating and lays highly contagious earworm eggs in your middle ear, infecting you with an unshakable urge to move at every thump and whir of the crisp productions.

If this EP is anything go by, her LP, which is soon due, will be a definite must have for any dance pop fan. I give The First Dance a solid 5/5 pinkys! Gimme MORE!

So, check the EP out on iTunes and prepare to "bounce" to the beats.

Check out Wynter in videos for Dirty Talk and Believer below; also, link to Right Here (audio) is below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4XjmDqG48A Dirty Talk

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8oJevymxSg Believer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beYJzKp5rQI Right Here

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